Optical Contactless Measurement of Shape- and Dimensional Changes at High Temperature - Prof. Marian

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In this webinar, Prof. Paganelli shows how the innovative technologies adopted by TA Instruments’ new Optical Dilatometry Platform (ODP 868) address the requirements of laboratory scientists and manufacturing managers of traditional and advanced ceramics. Additionally, these technologies prove beneficial for power plants with ash fusibility testing and steel plants that require the characterization of mold powders for continuous casting.

Heating microscopy, optical dilatometry and absolute fleximetry enable the testing of a sample’s dimensional changes. HD cameras record the sample images throughout the test without applying any load that interferes with determination of both the measured temperature and extent of the dimensional change.

See and study what actually happens during manufacturing processes and optimize processing parameters with contactless optical dilatometry technologies.

About the Speaker

Professor Mariano Paganelli is one of today’s major experts in the field of traditional ceramics. Formerly the R&D director at Marazzi Group, in 1989 he was appointed Professor at University of Modena, Italy. In 2000, Prof. Paganelli developed the double beam optical dilatometer using backlight image analysis, and since then has been awarded several patents for other optical dilatometry techniques. He has published numerous papers in scientific and technical magazines about ceramic materials and technology, and is a founding partner of Steelker, who recently began marketing an innovative ceramic flooring concept. Prof. Paganelli holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Modena.