A Practical Approach to Thermal Analysis - Episode Two - Calibration & Verification

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Episode Two of this Practical Approach Webinar Series guides the user on DSC calibration and verification of heat flow baselines. Topics include:

  1. An overview of ASTM standards for DSC heat flow and temperature/cell constant calibration
  2. Setting up a calibration routine
  3. An analysis of the calibration files – heat flow and cell constant/temperature
  4. Verification of heat flow baseline and cell constant/temperature
  5. Multi-point temperature calibration
  6. Direct Cp calibration on the Q-Series DSC and Discovery DSC

About the Speaker

Dr. Kadine Mohomed earned her Ph.D. in Material Chemistry from the University Of South Florida, where her doctorial dissertation focused on the development and thermal characterization of bio-compatible, polymeric coatings for an implantable glucose sensor. After joining TA Instruments in 2006 as a Thermal Analysis & Microcalorimetry Applications Engineer, Dr. Mohomed took over the role of Applications Laboratory Manager in 2014. Dr. Mohomed and her team of applications engineers support TA Instruments’ award-winning support and service network, assisting customers with sample and data analysis, as well as general product support.