A Practical Approach To Microcalorimetry - Heat Flow Micro Basics

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This episode of our Practical Approach to Microcalorimetry Webinar Series introduces Heat Flow microcalorimetry focusing on the TAM instrument.

  1. Introduction to microcalorimetry, calorimetric theory, and instrumentation
  2. Analyzing stability and kinetics from heat flow data
  3. Compatibility Testing
  4. Tips and potential pitfalls for using the TAM
  5. A brief overview of other applications for the TAM

About the Speaker

Dr. Michael Mathews is an application scientist for TA Instruments. Michael received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Western Michigan University in 1992 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University Of Utah in 2001. Before working at TA Instruments, Michael was the Director of Assay Development for a startup Biotech firm, followed by 5 years at the leading producer of bacteriophage in the US as the Vice President of R&D. He has also taught several courses at the high school, college, and university level around the Salt Lake City, Utah area, where he currently resides.