A Practical Approach to Rheology - Episode 02 - Viscosity Measurements on Liquids

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The second chapter this four part series on rheology will cover viscous behaviors of liquids:

  1. Flow types: Newtonian vs non-Newtonian behaviors
  2. Rheological methods for measuring flow behaviors
  3. How to avoid artifacts in your results
  4. Understanding and using flow models

About the Speaker

Dr. Tianhong (Terri) Chen is a Senior Applications Support Scientist with TA Instruments currently supporting the Rheology and DMA product lines. She received her PhD degree in Polymer Science from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in China, specializing in polymer synthesis and characterization. She did her post-doc research and later became a research assistant professor at the University of Maryland. During that time, her research was focused on biopolymer modifications and analysis. Dr. Chen joined TA Instruments in 2004. Her key responsibilities at TA Instruments are customer support, consultation, and teaching DMA and rheology training courses. Dr. Chen has more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and two US patents.