Benefits of Microscopy for Interpretation of DSC Thermograms


DSC thermograms can be complicated and difficult to interpret, sometimes requiring multiple experiments in order to better understand a thermal event. The NEW Microscope Accessory for the Discovery DSC helps to eliminate these issues by allowing the user to easily view the sample while the DSC experiment is in process. The Microscope Accessory makes it possible to identify an endothermic solid-solid phase transition that may erroneously be interpreted as a melting endotherm, as well as observe physical changes in a material, such as shrinkage, as it undergoes phase transitions and volumetric dimensional changes.

The Discovery DSC Microscope Accessory is a high-resolution digital microscope camera which simultaneously captures images and video during a DSC experiment. It has an operational temperature range of -180°C to 725°C and is compatible with the FACS, LN Pump, RCS 40, 90 and 120 cooling accessories.

Join Dr. Kadine Mohomed in this webinar to discover more about your materials with the help of the DSC Microscope Accessory.

About the Speaker

Dr. Kadine Mohomed is the Thermal Analysis Product Manager at TA Instruments. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, followed by a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Dr. Mohomed’s doctoral dissertation focused on the development and thermal characterization of biocompatible, polymeric coatings for an implantable glucose sensor. Her research was supported in full by a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant and was licensed by a medical device company upon completion. She joined TA Instruments in 2006 after completing her doctoral degree as an Applications Engineer. In 2014, she was promoted into the role of Applications Manager where she and a team of thermal, rheology, microcalorimetry and thermo-physical applications engineers supported TA Instruments’ customer base with instrument purchase justification, experimental optimization, data analysis, and training. In 2017 she became the Product Manager of the Thermal Analysis product line which includes differential scanning calorimeters (DSC), thermogravimetric analyzers (TGA) and thermomechanical analyzers (TMA).