Steady State & Flash Methods for Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity Determination


In this presentation we will demonstrate accurate and high-throughput methods to measure the critical heat transfer properties of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity. Direct and indirect methods provide suitable measurements for a wide variety of materials – including polymers, ceramics, carbons, graphite, composites, glasses, metals, and alloys – and at temperatures from -150°C to 2800°C. The transient and steady-state methods will be introduced and compared, providing basic information about selecting the appropriate technique, executing the measurement, and understanding the measurement result.

About the Speaker

Justin Wynn is an Application Engineer for Thermophysical Properties at TA Instruments. As an Application Engineer, he provides primary support on the thermophysical product line, which includes thermal conductivity meters, flash diffusivity analyzers and dilatometers. He performs demonstrations and conducts feasibility tests to characterize a bevy of samples with appropriate data analysis, and provides application specific test protocol development support. Prior to joining TA Instruments in 2016, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Delaware. While there, he assisted in an independent study that involved comparative study of motion in human subjects. His senior capstone project revolved around the development of safety tools to be used in hospital operating rooms.