Rheology of Soft Biomaterials


Rheology is the study of the flow and deformation of matter. In it, we relate stresses and strains for nearly all materials that we encounter in daily life, including biomaterials and biomedical devices. In this talk we will discuss applications of rheology fundamentals to testing biomaterials and biomedical devices. We will discuss the 2 main approaches to rheological testing – unidirectional testing, such as flow testing on fluids and transient tests on solid-like materials, as well as dynamic oscillatory testing. For dynamic oscillatory testing, we will describe the different test modes: dynamic stress and strain sweeps, frequency sweeps, time sweeps, temperature ramps, and temperature/frequency sweeps, and will show the useful information that rheological testing can provide. We will also describe some accessories that pertain to testing of biomaterials.

About the Speaker

Greg Kamykowski Ph.D. is a Senior Applications Scientist for rheology for TA Instruments US West region. He has a BS in chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago and a PhD in physical chemistry from University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he studied under well-known rheologist, Professor John Ferry. He has published several articles, presented at various conferences and meetings, and is involved with the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Society of Rheology, and ASTM.