Designing New Materials for Additive Manufacturing: Binder Jetting


Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn more about how Additive Manufacturing (AM) enhances manufacturing processes to deliver better, higher-performing products with less waste, and at a lesser cost than traditional manufacturing methods. During this webinar, industry experts will share key insights into how to expand the polymer toolbox for binder jetting additive manufacturing using structure-property tools such as Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC), Rheology and 3D printing across industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

About the Speakers

Dr. Long is a Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech and he recently completed his 5-year tenure as Director of the University’s Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII), which is located within the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS). He spent nearly a decade as a research scientist at Eastman Kodak Company and Eastman Chemical Company before returning to Virginia Tech, where he earned his Ph.D. He has more than 50 patents in the field of macromolecular science and engineering, and 340+ peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Long maintains a vigorous interdisciplinary partnership with diverse industries and federal agencies, focusing on novel macromolecular structure to tailor properties and processing.

Dr. Christopher Williams is a Professor and the Electro-Mechanical Corporation Senior Faculty Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is Director of the Design, Research, and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems (DREAMS) Laboratory, and Interim Director of the Macromolecules Innovation Institute at the University. He has conducted research in Additive Manufacturing for over 20 years, and has published over 160 peer-reviewed articles that span the entire value chain of Additive Manufacturing, including design for AM methodologies, novel AM processes and materials, and cyber-physical security.