Techniques for Rubber Compound Processing and Production Success


Have you experienced manufacturing performance differences between batches of materials, despite seeing no difference in specifications or cure data? Do you want to reduce scrap, improve processing efficiencies, and minimize variability in your manufacturing process? Join us as we adventure beyond the cure curve and look at additional testing methods to correlate material characteristics of rubber compounds with processing behavior and production success. Some key areas of interest include:

  • Verifying quality of mix
  • Optimizing mold filling processes
  • Troubleshooting extrusion issues
We will look at characterizing material behavior at key steps in the manufacturing process and using these measurements as leading indicators for production success. This allows process engineers to select suitable materials for manufacture or adjust manufacturing processes to accommodate variations in product behavior.

About the Speaker

Alina Latshaw, Ph.D. is the Product Specialist for the Rubber Testing product line at TA Instruments. Alina earned her doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University. She joined TA in 2013 as an applications engineer specializing in rheology and dynamic mechanical analysis techniques. As part of the product management team, Alina actively collaborates with customers on providing testing solutions for rubber and elastomer applications ranging from elastomer characterization, compound processing challenges, vulcanization testing, and cured rubber product performance.