Correlating Cured Rubber Characteristics to Product Performance


New product design is expedited by gathering product performance metrics early in the compound development process. These key metrics link to final product performance and answer common questions: How will my product perform in its final application? Is performance guaranteed over the lifetime of the product? Predicting mechanical rigidity, suitability to end-use environmental conditions, and long-term stability empower a compound developer to filter for leading candidates before progressing to expensive pilot and larger scale trials. In this talk, we will introduce several techniques to characterize cured rubber products and link these measurements to final product performance. Some topics will include:

  • Characterizing damping properties and modulus values with dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
  • Measuring fatigue and heat build-up testing of rubber compounds
  • Performance in corrosive and pressurized environments with thermal gravimetric analysis (HP-TGA)

About the Speaker

Sadegh Behdad is an Applications Engineer at TA Instruments, supporting ElectroForce product line. Sadegh has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Florida International University. He earned his BSc and Masters in Polymer Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology. Prior to joining TA Instruments, Sadegh worked as a Sr. Materials Scientist at Magic Leap. At Magic Leap, he supported material design and development teams on selection of material candidates and testing various materials and components for wearable virtual retinal display applications.