Applications of Tribo-Rheometry in Material Characterization


Tribology is the study of friction between two interacting surfaces. Traditionally encompassing friction-based studies of lubrication and wear, the applications of this field has expanded into different industries such as food and beverage (e.g: quantify mouthfeel and texture), personal care (e.g: quantify skin-feel), asphalt (e.g: development of warm mix asphalt technologies) and rubbers (e.g: quantify grip). This by no means is an exhaustive list and the field is ever evolving with development of new materials. With the advances in instrumentation technology, an increasing level of modularity is desired in a rheometer apart from the ability to perform traditional shear measurements. Tribo-rheometry adds one such dimension to a rheometer whereby it can equip the user to perform co-efficient of friction and related measurements to complement traditional rheometry measurements. The present webinar will discuss the applications of tribo-rheometry in materials characterization. The examples discussed in this webinar will further underscore the importance of tribological measurements as a natural extension of rheological measurements in characterizing new materials, ensuring existing product consistency, and troubleshooting processing issues.

About the Speaker

Yash Adhia is a Senior Applications Support Engineer at TA Instruments supporting the thermal and rheology line of products. Prior to joining TA Instruments, he earned his Master’s in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During his graduate studies, he worked on studying and characterizing gels formed through the self-assembly of small molecules and its interaction with polymeric additives using thermal, rheological and optical techniques. He earned his Bachelor’s in Surface Coating Technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India where his undergraduate research focused on studying curing kinetics of epoxy resins using DSCs. During the course of his undergraduate and graduate studies, he has had the opportunity to intern at Asian Paints India Ltd, Mumbai, working on formulating and characterizing photo-curable coatings, and at INOS Technologies, Ann Arbor working on negative pressure wound therapy foams.