Thermogravimetric Analysis under Extreme Conditions


Thermogravimetry (TGA) is a classical method determining temperature dependent material properties. Traditional TGA is performed at ambient pressure and with relatively inert reaction gases. To measure application-relevant material properties, however, TGA must be performed under real application conditions: at high pressures, with reactive and/or corrosive gases and in steam atmospheres. The TGA and SA instruments of the Rubotherm Series from TA Instruments with magnetic suspension balance enable gravimetric measurements to be carried out under such extreme conditions. The characterization of materials by TGA under real conditions enables the influence of pressure and reactive gases on the kinetics and the conversion of reactions, decomposition, gasification, and oxidation/reduction to be quantified. In this webinar, we will examine the use of the new TGA technologies with an extended working range. Examples of the analysis of technically relevant materials such as polymers, metals, coal and biomass, catalysts and zeolites show the added value of application-relevant material characterization for the development of materials and processes.

About the Speaker

Thomas Paschke is the Application Specialist for the Rubotherm Series Thermal Analysis product line at TA Instruments. Thomas joined Rubotherm in 2013 and continued working in this position with TA after Rubotherm as acquired by TA in 2016. After obtaining his PhD in analytical chemistry, Thomas started his career as post-doc at the EERC (Energy & Environmental Research Center) at UND in Grand Forks, ND. Later he worked in different positions for the German company Axel Semrau with GC, GC/MS and high-pressure equipment. As Application Specialist, Thomas supports TA customers in finding the right instruments and methodologies for their challenging TGA applications under extreme conditions.