Connecting Polymer Processing and Product Performance through Rheology & DMA on the New DHR


The viscoelastic properties of polymers play a critical role in the different stages of polymer processing operations, whether it is melting and extrusion or the performance of the final product. On most polymer data sheets, these properties are presented in the form of a melt flow index. However, this simplistic approach is inherently limited since it cannot predict or explain differences observed when processing polymer grades that appear to have comparable characteristics.
This webinar demonstrates the importance of comprehensive viscoelastic characterization through rheological techniques with specific emphasis on optimizing processing parameters and troubleshooting problems. The application of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for testing solid extrudates is also highlighted, with a focus on its ability to troubleshoot processing conditions and predict product performance. Join us to learn more about how the new Discovery Hybrid Rheometer offers an integrated platform for complete viscoelastic characterization across all stages of polymer processing, from melts to solids and more!

About the Speaker

Bharath Rajaram, Ph.D., is a Product Specialist within the rheology group at TA Instruments with responsibility for rotational rheometers and dynamic mechanical analyzers. Dr. Rajaram earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. Within the product management team, he combines his extensive experience in material characterization with feedback from customers to define and guide new product development.